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About Me

There have been 3 major influences on my cooking, and my life:



My grandmother taught me how to cook without a recipe.
You get a feel for what food looks like and tastes like when it's perfect, and you just instinctively know. Her food was comforting, memorable, and had no lack of butter, cheese and cream. She let me into her kitchen at a young age, and I was able to learn tricks and techniques that most children maybe haven't. I still keep that food tradition alive in my own house by remembering both her and the foods she taught me over and over.

Favorite meals I learned from her: Chicken and Dumplings; Pierogies and Cabbage; Homemade Egg Noodles

Ina Garten


I love everything about the Barefoot Contessa, from her 2nd kitchen in her barn to her easy-breezy Hamptons lifestyle. Her food mantra is elegant and earthy. She is able to mix incredible ingredients in a very accessible and beautiful simplicity. She jumped headfirst into the food world without any previous experience (she worked in the White House before that), and has never looked back. Every recipe I have used of hers is flawless, and works every single time.

Favorite Ina recipes:

Sticky Toffee Date Cake

Panzanella Salad

Fresh Pea Soup

World Flavors


Why do meals have to have only one kind of flavor? I don't believe they should. I am influenced by citrus-pops of Limoncello from Rome; smoky, sweet curries from India; spicy and sour Ethiopian dishes; and how cilantro, salt and lime can make anything taste better. I believe that herbs can go into desserts, and cookies need salt chunks on top of them. I like to bring in flavors from travels and from other food makers, and mix new trends with classic recipes. Food is exciting and doesn't have to be serious all the time.

Small Event Catering

SMALL EVENTS - 2 to 75 people

  • Weddings, dinner gatherings, office + holiday parties, showers, anniversaries, birthdays -- no event is too small
  • Personal + collaborative menu options based on your taste and seasonal ingredients
  • Served family style, buffet and/or seated plates 
  • Let's meet for a consultation to see what kind of food you are excited about, and figure out what will best fit your event ideas and budget

Cooking Lessons


  • One-on-one cooking class to help you hone your skills or get new ideas into your recipe rolodex
  • Have a cooking party with up to 10 friends, and each leave with a delicious meal and new cooking knowledge
  • Pricing varies based on your customized class

Any of these what you are looking for?
Email rachel(at)paperfancatering.com

Home Cooking Services


We will develop customized meal plans based on your needs and likes.  Let me shop, cook, and package your meals with easy reheating instructions, and clean up the mess — all done in your own home. We will even provide our own equipment.
  • Three to five meals prepared on your planned cook day
  • Perfect for busy families, new moms, older folks at home alone, or if you just want a break from cooking! Meals can be frozen for future eating. 
  • Pricing includes food, labor, and storage containers. Each meal includes 4 portions (3 meals = 12 portions)

Contact Me

Let's set up a meeting to discuss your special event or meal. Email a message below and let me know how I can help you with a customized menu.